eBioStat ltd. Clinical Trials


Address: Konitsis 3-5 Marousi 151-25 Greece.

Tel: +30 213 0281515

email: info@ebiostat.eu

Company Profile 

eBioStat Ltd. is a Clinical Research and Medical Consulting Company operating in Greece, offering a comprehensive portfolio of phase IV clinical trials, studies, marketing and medical consulting services to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.

What we Offer


An approach focused on innovation and superior customer service


A dedicated team paving the road to success


A wide network of partners

Through superior innovation, industry expertise, commitment in international standards of excellence and quality of service, eBioStat is focused on meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements and expectations

The eBioStat team have significant skills and expertise in both clinical research and the medical-marketing environment. We are committed to continuous professional development and driven to create added value for our customers.

eBioStat has developed partnerships and cooperates with some of the most well known institutions in the field of medicine and medical research. These partnerships expand our skills and product portfolio, while at the same time validate the quality of services we provide